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Makati Shangri-La, Manila, is surrounded by the country's premier shopping malls and located right in the heart of cosmopolitan Makati City.

Browse around the Ayala Museum, take a leisurely stroll at the Ayala Triangle Garden, a park located across from the hotel, or catch a show at any of the colourful nightlife spots in and around the city.

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Intramuros, the old capital of Manila, was built in 1571 and remains a monumental relic of the Philippines’ Spanish period.

With crumbling walls that have survived for more than four hundred years, Intramuros has centuries-old walls, bulwarks, and plazas.

As a tourist destination, Intramuros both educates and entertains.

Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications of Intramuros. Work started on the fort in 1571 and was completed nearly 150 years later by Filipino forced labour.

The fort is also known as the "Shrine of Freedom", in memory of the heroic Filipinos imprisoned and killed here during the Spanish and Japanese eras. The site is now a park and promenade housing a resident theatre company.

Malacanang Palace / Museum
Malacanang Palace is one of the historic and visited structures in the Philippines. Since 1863 it has been the official residence of the country’s President. The palace tour focuses on all former Presidents of the Philippines and the memorabilia associated with their respective periods of leadership.

Corregidor is a small island of 5 sq km where great historic events took place. Its advantageous location made it a centre of great military importance, especially during the Second World War.

Today, the island is a popular tourist destination and a historic monument to the battle of Corregidor, fought by the American and Filipino forces against the invading Japanese.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

The capital city of the Philippines with a population of 10 million, Manila is a teeming metropolis. The city still possesses the colonial architecture that survived the bombing of the city during World War II.

While many people use Manila only as a stop-over for further travel, those who explore the city will discover its friendliness and charm.


Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna
The sight of Pagsanjan Falls cascading down the border of Cavinti and Pagsanjan is a mesmerising one. During the rainy season, approximately twenty minor waterfalls trail down the mountains.

The tropical beauty of the region and the adventurous journey to and from the falls make Pagsanjan Falls a magnetic attraction for travellers who enjoy nature.

Whether arranging a private car, hailing a taxi or directing you to the nearby light rail line, our hotel staff are there to help you and ensure you arrive at your selected destination comfortably and on time.
Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Cultural Centre of the Philippines (CCP)
The Cultural Centre of the Philippines is a performing arts venue offering shows and events that showcase the diverse Filipino culture. CCP is located. Ask the concierge about the CCP schedule of events.

Museum of the Filipino People
This is the large and beautiful museum in Manila. It is home to the country's anthropological heritage. There are four floors of galleries and exhibition spaces. The lower three floors make up the permanent exhibition spaces, while portions of the fourth floor are devoted to temporary exhibits.

National Museum of the Philippines
The National Museum of the Philippines safeguards the natural heritage of the Philippines. It succeeds in instilling cultural consciousness and a sense of nationalism among citizens through its exhibits covering the sciences, education and culture.


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