A sweet ending to a new beginning

Even after the Big Day is over, Shangri-La will continue to celebrate your romance with special honeymoon planning services and a complimentary room night to commemorate your first anniversary,


The Romantic Honeymoon
Your wedding consultant will be at your disposal to help you plan a perfect honeymoon with special prices in Shangri-La’s exclusive hotels in exotic destinations such as Maldives, Seychelles,
Boracay and Bali.

First Anniversary
On occasion of your first anniversary, Shangri-La offers an exclusive gift of one night stay at the hotel where you may refresh your memories of the most special day of your life.

Your New Bundle of Joy

As you get ready to welcome the new member of your family, what better way to celebrate than with a baby shower. From decorations to mouth-watering treats, our team is here to help and make the day just as memorable as your wedding day.