The Art of Turkish Baklava

Try your hand at baklava-making at Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Istanbul's most famous and oldest baklava bakery, in operation since 1843. Under the guidance of one of the bakery’s talented pastry chefs, you'll learn the secrets to making this sweet treat and get involved with rolling the dough, sprinkling the nuts, and drizzling the syrup before baking. Afterwards, you'll head to the bakery's lush garden for a tantalizing tasting session of the different varieties made daily by the team.

When you return to Shangri-La, you'll savor our version of this hand-made delicacy, served with Turkish ice cream by the world's first Baklava Butler in the Lobby Lounge.


Duration: Roughly 3 hours, including travel time

Availability: Monday - Saturday from 11am - 12:30pm or 11:30am - 1pm.


For more information, pricing or to reserve your space in this workshop, please email [email protected] or call (90 212) 275 8888.