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Our ideal location in the heart of city, makes it easy to explore the Temple City, wander in Huhetala grassland in downtown or drive out for the mysterious Kubuqi Desert on the left, and be a one-day Mongolian in Xilamuren Grassland on the right.


Da Zhao Temple

* approximately 3.7 kilometres away and a 10-minute drive from the hotel

Da Zhao Temple which means “Infinite Temple” in Chinese is the town’s Gelukpa or Yellow Hat Sect temple. It is also the oldest building in the whole of Huhhot. Locals call it the Silver Buddha Temple because it is home to the rare 8.2-foot-high Sakyamuni statue made of silver.

The temple has become a popular tourist attraction due to its remarkable buildings, fine statues, distinctive frescos, musical instruments and extensive collection of Buddhist scriptures.


Xilamuren Grassland

* approximately 90 kilometres away and a 1.5-hour drive from the hotel

Indulge in the sight of this spectacular natural view while enjoying the quiet of the Xilamuren River and its cosy surroundings. The grassland offers a range of cultural pursuits, such as riding a horse, watching the fantastic Honggor Obo performances showcasing the authentic Mongolian lifestyle and enjoying the dairy.


Kubuqi Desert

* approximately 250 kilometres away and a 3-hour drive from the hotel

The magnificent Kubuqi Desert is the seventh desert in China. Kubuqi is Mongolian for ‘the string on the bow’, and the desert is named so because it leans lies on the Yellow River and looks like a string hanging there. You can dance with the sands by surfing, riding a camel, shooting arrows, trying the extraordinary buggy racing and getting closer to the mysterious desert.



* approximately 168 kilometres away and a 3.5-hour drive from the hotel

It is named because of its shape, like an old cow, which is one of the most magical curves of the Yellow River. It is not only famous for the canyon formed by the Hanhan Mountain, but also for the majestic sights of the Great Wall and Yellow River all together.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Huhhot, meaning “Green City” in Mongolian, is the capital city of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and is the region’s important cultural and commercial centre.

Inner Mongolia is a truly diverse region with a distinctive culture and various ethnic groups. It offers forests, deserts, mountains and the famous grasslands that support the traditional Mongolian lifestyle.

Huhhot enjoys easy access to a wide range of mainland cities by air, bus and train. The city offers direct flights and international trains for easy and convenient travel to and from Mongolia.

Centrally located in the city, Shangri-La Huhhot, is an excellent hub from which to experience Huhhot. Whether arranging a private car, hailing a taxi or directing you to the nearby subway, our hotel staff are there to help you and ensure you arrive at your selected destination comfortably and on time. It is about 3 kilometres away from Huhhot Railway Station and 15 kilometres away from Baita International Airport.


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