We Are Your Family

Shangri-La is committed to care from our hearts for our communities and extend our support to the needy.

"We are your family" community care project is an initiative action for empty-nest elderlies who live alone and experience loneliness with the lack of care and companionship from their families.

At Shangri-La, the spirit of caring comes from our hearts. We care about the people around us, the communities around us, and are happy to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The "We are your family" community care project is a support action for empty-nest elderlies living alone. They experience loneliness and lack the care and companionship of their families.

Respecting and loving the old is a traditional Chinese virtue. With our love and care, we want to bring them a warm and home-like company. Visiting them monthly, accompanying them for a walk, chatting, tidying up the room, cooking a delicious meal, etc. Contributing with every little effort to make them feel the change.

We have been practicing Shangri-La's community commitment. We believe we can give back more, and we can make it better.


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Should you wish to join any upcoming activities, please contact Maggie Zhou via email at [email protected].


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