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Level Up Your Fitness at Our State-Of-The-Art Gym

Our 2,300 sq ft. state-of-the-art gym provides a comprehensive range of fitness equipment. Get a full body composition assessment and physical strengths analysis to set your fitness goals, then let us help you reach them more quickly and effectively with our next-generation Technogym equipment. YUN WELLNESS’ integrated services also include physiotherapy and nutrition consultations and therapies, providing professional and personalised solutions for optimal physical health and mental well-being through holistic well-rounded approach.

For reservations and enquiries, please contact us at +852 2820 8583 or via email at [email protected].


Wellness Assessment
A Wellness Assessment gives us a snapshot of your overall health, allowing us to recommend the optimum personalised programme for you.

•Body Composition and Physical Analysis   60 minutes / HKD 1,500

•Body Composition Analysis   HKD 600


Personal Training (Provided by Precision Fitness)
The skilled trainers use a holistic approach that combines the latest science, sports knowledge and behavioural psychology to help you lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall health in a fun and supportive environment.

•Single Session   60 minutes / HKD 1,300   90 minutes / HKD 1,500

•6 sessions (valid for 2 months)   60 minutes each / HKD 7,566

•12-week membership: including 2 In-Body Scans and Assessments, customized workout plan and the access to wellness facilities on the day of training
- 2 sessions per week   HKD 2,470 per week
- 3 sessions per week   HKD 3,627 per week


Physiotherapy (Provided by PhysioMotion)
YUN WELLNESS has partnered with progressive physiotherapy and healthcare clinic PhysioMotion to provide expert physiotherapy services.
Drawing on this expertise in diagnostics, PhysioMotion delivers personalised, innovative treatments that include manual therapy, postural screening, exercise prescription, fitness training and ergonomic assessments of your work environment.

•Consultation and Therapy   40 minutes / HKD 1,550

YUN WELLNESS has partnered with certified clinical nutritionist Selina Kuok to help guests achieve better health through their diet. After forming a detailed picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, family medical history and any concerns regarding your health and well-being, Selina will devise a personalised nutritional plan, as well as recommending any supplementation that may help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

•Consultation   60 minutes / HKD 1,250   90 minutes / HKD 1,850

* 48-hour advance booking is required. Consultation packages are available.

6am - 11pm
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