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Hefei is the capital and largest city of Anhui province in Eastern China, 80 miles west of Nanjing. Hefei is positioned between the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers, and near Chaohu Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. The city enjoys a humid subtropical climate.

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Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
Anhui Museum
The paintings of Pan Yuliang, renowned as the first woman in China to paint in the Western style, are a highlight of the Anhui Museum’s collection. Among its 220,000 cultural artefacts are bronze-ware from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, coins of the Chu State and stone reliefs from the Han Dynasty. The museum is 25 minutes from the hotel by car.

Baogong Park
The park, which covers an area of 32 hectares, consists of Baogong’s Tomb and Pure Wind Pavilion, commemorating the well-known Song Dynasty official, Bao Zheng. The landscape along the Baohe River is one of Hefei’s scenic sights.

Hui Garden
The 20-hectare garden features replicas of key cultural and historical landmarks from all 17 cities of Anhui province.

Mingjiao Temple
This Tang Dynasty Buddhist temple boasts 1,500 years of history. More than 30 Buddha statues lie within the state-protected complex.

Li Hongzhang’s Former Residence
Li Hongzhang, who was born in Hefei in 1823, is known as the first dignitary to advocate an open-door policy for China. Li was in charge of both domestic and foreign affairs during the Qing Dynasty. His former home on Huaihe Road, built in typical late Qing style, is a large and well-preserved residence of a historical figure in Hefei.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Chaohu Lake
Spanning the centre of Anhui Province, Chaohu Lake is named after its shape, which resembles a bird's nest. It’s one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, fed by the Tuogao, Nanfei, Fengle, Hangbu, and Zhao Rivers, with a surface area of almost 800 square kilometers.

Zipengshan National Park
Located in Feixi county, southwestern Hefei, this national forest park and provincial-level scenic spot includes the well-known Xilu Temple, statues of 500 Arhats, and a dense forest full of auspicious birds.

Sanhe Ancient Town
Sanhe is located on the Hefei-Jiuhuashan-Huangshan golden tourist route in Feixi county. Its “eight ancient relics” include rivers and bridges, villages surrounded by water, streets, homes, teahouses, temples and battlefields that bring to life the town’s 2,500-year history.

Huangshan Mountain Range
This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been the inspiration of Chinese artists and writers for centuries, and is one of China’s major tourist destinations. The mountain range is well known for its sunsets and peculiarly shaped granite peaks, one of which, Lotus, has an altitude of 1,864 metres.

Jiuhuashan Mountain
With an elevation of 1,342 metres, Jiuhuashan is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism, famous for its rich landscape and ancient temples. It’s located in Qingyang County in Anhui province.


Centrally located on Suixi Road, Shangri-La Hefei is an excellent base from which to explore the city and its surrounds.

By arranging a private car, hailing a taxi or directing you to the nearest rail line, our hotel staff will ensure you arrive at your chosen destination comfortably and on time.

Huaihe Road Walking Street
In the prosperous neighbourhood of Huaihe Road, visitors to the Walking Street will find a variety interesting hand crafts on sale with Hui characteristics.  The nearby Women Street, on Changjiang Road in Sanxiaokou, is another shopping destination that caters to women.


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