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Level 1
VenueCapacity & Setup StyleDimension (m)Area (sqm)Ceiling (m)
Heilong River Room120100504512.6 x 9.91264.3
Songhua River Room10080403611.4 x 9.91124.3
Heilong River and Songhua River Room220180909024 x 9.92384.3
Pre-Function Area29.6 x 7.82304.3
Mudan River Room10080403613.9 x 8.21083.0
Wusuli River Room552020127.7 x 7.2603.0
Mudan River and Wusuli Rivers155100604821.6 x 8.21683.0
Level 2
VenueCapacity & Setup StyleDimension (m)Area (sqm)Ceiling (m)
Grand Ballroom160021001050108063 x 2616168.2
Grand Ballroom 150070035036020 x 265288.2
Grand Ballroom 250070035036022 x 265638.2
Grand Ballroom 350070035036020 x 265258.2
Grand Ballroom Pre-Function Area64.6 x 7.24656.0
Harbin Ballroom40038020018029 x 144085.5
Harbin Ballroom 12001901009014 x 141965.5
Harbin Ballroom 22001901009015 x 142125.5
Harbin Ballroom Pre- Function Area29 x 72035.5
Jiangnan Room607030306 x 11684.0
Jiangbei Room 120140606010 x 121233.8