Unique Destination Events
Create a unique and memorable event
Hold your next conference or banquet at Midtown Shangri-La, Hangzhou including 1 Grand Ballroom which have 1,500 square metres and 9 multi-function meeting rooms. All indoor meeting and event spaces are located on the second floor, offering convenience for both social and business occasions. The meeting and event space is equipped with a spacious conference hall area, which is the best choice for all kinds of events and banquets in Hangzhou. The banquet and catering services that Shangri-La Hotel has always been proud of having more space to display.
Meet West Lake
Meet West Lake
Indulge into the West Lake impression themed event, the event using West Lake elements, combining Chinese traditional painting, lotus flowers and entertainment, together with a private tasting feast, dedicated to the unforgettable memories of all VIP guests.