Adventure Activities

Offering a range of activities that will leave you spoilt for choice



The thrills of our 7-metre-high trapeze is a must-try when at the resort. Our in-house expert trapeze artist will teach first-timers the necessary tips, whilst our more daring guests can try a trick or two.


Have a crack at using a bow and arrow and hone your skills of precision targeting as you practice Archery with our trainers.

Bike Tours

Hambantota with its unique terrain offers amazingly scenic routes for guided bike tours that let you experience the true beauty of the south coast.

A guided tour to Godawaya lets you ride along the resort’s dramatic coastline, concluding with a scenic hike through extraordinary rock formations from where you can watch a mesmerising sunset over the Indian Ocean. A picnic can be served as part of the resort’s Dine by Design programme.

The guided Paddy Field tour takes you through quaint villages that seemingly blend into miles of picturesque paddy fields. Your tour guide will share interesting facts about rice cultivation in the south of Sri Lanka, and if you are lucky, you will be able to strike up a conversation with a local farmer for more interesting snippets