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Chen Clan Academy 

Once an ancestral temple for the Chen families from 70 counties in the 19th century, the Chen Clan Academy has become a museum for local arts and culture.

Its exquisite carvings and stylish architecture represent the region. A famous Chinese poet once stated that visiting the temple is "better than reading books for 10 years."

Guangxiao Temple 

Guangxiao temple is a Buddhist temple that occupies an important position in the history of Buddhism in South China.

Master Hui Neng made a name for himself in this temple and later became the founder of the Southern stream of Zen Buddhism.

The temple is full of Buddhist relics and ancient architecture.

Xiaozhou Village

At the moment, Xiao Zhou Village is a classic water village of South China. It has been regarded as the South Lung of Guangzhou. Generations of inhabitants earn their living by running the orchards. With decent family temples, a quiet and comfortable environment and harmonious community, Xiaozhou Village calls itself traditional. The place can be likened to a Chinese wash painting. The architecture on the island greatly reflects South China, but the oyster shell houses attract the attention. The materials used in building these houses keep them cool during summer and warm in winter, making the homes suitable for the southern weather.


Once a sprawling canning factory on the outskirts of town, Redtory embodies the post-industrial transformation Guangzhou craves. Today, the area is very much within the heart of the city, where Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou is not a stone’s throw away across the river. Redtory is an expression of community through art, and the village is immense, with wide boulevards lined with industrial sculpture pieces and funny bronze statues granting easy access to any number of exhibition halls and showrooms. This sanctuary for those who appreciate art in an informal setting represents a clear sign of Guangzhou’s newly found diversity of tastes.


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