Jiangnan Wok · Rong
Classic Huaiyang Cuisine
Basic Information
11:30am - 2pm (Mon - Sun)

5:30pm - 9pm (Mon - Sun)
Smart casual
Quintessence of timeless Huaiyang Cuisine flavors

Drawing inspiration from the private garden of Three lanes and seven alleys, this establishment offers a refined setting to indulge in the new flavors of Huaiyang cuisine.

Zhengjiang Pork Terrine
Frozen pork with four characteristics of crispy and tender
Huaiyang Tri-stuffed Duck Soup
Savour the iconic Huaiyang flavor of duck soup
Rong Crispy Veal
Roasted Australian Grain Beef Ribs, tender and juicy
Steamed Dumpling
Delicate delicious and juicy
Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish
Tender fish is fragrant and paired with a thick and savory sauce
Tofu and Pigeon Egg Soup
The soup with shredded bean curd is known for being mild emphasize freshness
Yangzhou Eight Treasure Stuffed Duck with Ginger
Savour the duck meat full of flavor
Yellow Croaker Meat Ball Soup
Yellow croaker with meatball fully absorb the essence of the chicken broth
Restaurant Story
Basic Information
Dress CodeSmart casual
Smoking PolicySmoking is not permitted in Jiangnan Wok · Rong.
Classic Huaiyang Cuisine
Level 2, 9 Xin Quan Nan Road, Fuzhou, Fujian
(86 591) 8798 8888 ext 6288
11:30am - 2pm (Mon - Sun)

5:30pm - 9pm (Mon - Sun)