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A plethora of attractions are nestled at Asakusa, located in the downtown Taito district of Tokyo.

Keep your eyes peeled for the renowned Sensoji Temple, the famous Five Storied Pagoda and Nakamise shopping arcade. Meanwhile, Sumida River cruises are a much-loved activity at this unique destination.

Immensely popular for its vibrant traditional festivals, Asakusa is home to the popular Sanja Matsuri, an annual event held in May.


A large manmade island in Tokyo Bat, Odaiba is complete with ultra modern buildings, elegant shopping malls and electric cars.

Odaiba offers in terms of entertainment a world's big Ferris wheel, at 115 metres tall. Visitors can also look forward to an assortment of amusement parks, a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Maritime Science and much, much more.


Roppongi shines a spotlight on Tokyo’s global personality. Visitors can enjoy various national and international cuisines, world-famous coffee shops, sophisticated clubs and live-music venues. This is also Japan's famous night-time entertainment spot.


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