Educating Children for A Brighter Future

Educating the Children For a Brighter Future

Shangri-La Surabaya has long been committed to social responsibility. Since 2020, we adopted young children from SD Tanwir along with its 96 elementary school students and 51 kindergarten students for our Embrace project. We provide engaging activities, educative classes, parental training to the kids' parents, and helping to refurbish the classes. The school is located in a rural area and is owned by the villagers. Daily operation is supported by BOS (Government Fund) and village funds but the school still needs more funding to support its operation.

The students’ parents are surrounding villagers and blue-collar workers with minimum income. The school constantly struggles to provide proper facilities such as washrooms, classrooms, a canteen, library, computer lab, and properly stocked clinic. Shangri-La Surabaya is helping and supporting in the above areas through volunteer work and organising monthly activities to improve the school's facilities.

ASEAN GREEN Hotel Awards

Shangri-La Surabaya received the ASEAN Green Hotel Award for 2020-2022. The Green Hotel Standard is an ASEAN initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices around the ASEAN region.

Shangri-La Surabaya has been certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, adhering to the framework that allows for an effective environmental management system, providing reassurance to management, employees, and the external stakeholders that the environmental impact is being managed and improved in the long run.

Health and Safety

Shangri-La Surabaya has taken calculated measures to ensure that the high standards of health and safety are maintained for the benefit of all stakeholders. Certified ISO 45001 and ISO 22000, the hotel follows a strict framework to ensure food safety systems, hygiene and sanitation standards. In addition, various security and safety initiatives are customised and implemented by the hotel based on timely assessments of the local situation.


‘Hospitality from the heart’ is exemplified in our every smile and gesture. Our employees are our partners in delivering the high standards of service and comfort our guests have come to enjoy. As a family, the hotel is an equal-opportunity employer that embraces diversity in the workplace.

Commitment to PWDs (People With Disability)

Since 2014, we have committed to hiring persons with disabilities (PWD) to fill positions across the hotel. Shangri-La Surabaya provides an opportunity to work in the same way as able-bodied people. We do not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, discrimination, intimidation or harassment. Fair labour practices are applied across all areas of the hotel.

Supply Chain

Shangri-La Surabaya only collaborates with business partners who share the values of corporate citizenship, respect for the environment, human rights and social justice. Whenever possible, the hotel prefers local suppliers and is working towards providing eco-friendly products to promote development opportunities within communities.

Stakeholder Relations

The group aims to always engage stakeholders in a clear, honest and respectful way. Regular dialogue is conducted with corporate and preferred clients, suppliers, concessionaries and the local community to better address issues that we might face at our properties.

To find out more about Shangri-La Hotel, Surabaya's CSR initiatives, please contact:

Cahya Bhinartika
CSR & Sustainability Manager
+62 31 6003 8995


JL. May. Jend. Sungkono 120, Surabaya 60256 Indonesia


(62 31) 6003 8888

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