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At Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa our aim is ensure we create positive impacts on both our environment and local community. Allowing our partners, that is you, to experience some of what we do is very important to us. It will also allow your delegates to gain new experiences that will hopefully inspire them in ways they could not have imagined.

A taste of what is able to be achieved has given rise to three unique offerings, whetting the appetite and injecting a sense of wonderment to the programme that you are working hard to create.

Are you wondering why the the gardens at the resort look so lush and tropical? Come behind the scenes and learn how we turn leftovers, offcuts and scraps into excellent nourishment for our plants. Now, there is no longer any waste from our kitchen. What we show you today, your delegates can do tomorrow. Furthermore, these techniques might just save you a few dollars and give you a new appreciation for your green thumb! 

Know your Herbs
That taste of basil in your Bolognese sauce or the fresh mint in your Mojito - come and see where it's grown and learn about the local herbs along with some old favourites that go into giving our dishes that little extra taste you may be looking for. Master Gardener Felix Ubong will host the break in our very own herb garden located on the rooftop next to our Kinabalu Club Lounge. He will also provide tips on herbs you may want to consider growing at home on your window sill and the benefits that can be had from the different varieties we grow right here at the resort.


-Clownfish Discovery Centre (CDC) Tour 

Learn information on clownfish (the various types of clownfish, the clownfish life cycle, clownfish behaviours and fun facts on clownfish), a species made popular by a much-loved animated movie. The tour includes a chance to view the many different species of clownfish in a reef tank, breeding tank and rearing tank.

- Snorkelling Tour on Mamutik Island 

Take part in supervised snorkelling tours at the nearby Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. These highly educational and interactive tours encourage visitors to learn more about tropical marine life and appreciate it. Look out for clownfish, giant clams, parrotfish and the occasional black tip shark!

- Presentation on Marine Conservation 

Upon request, the resort can provide a presentation about the current issues affecting the marine environment. We will highlight the counter actions taken so far and share our marine conservation initiatives with you.


Please click here for a Proposed 4-Day Itinerary.  

We have the ability to tailor our programmes to suit your needs. We can work with you to deliver any key messages you want to get across. If your organisation has its own Corporate Social Responsibility programme, let us know and we will see what we can design for you. Alternatively, come and be a part of ours, we would love to open your delegates up to a new world of possibilities.

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