Eco Trail

The natural world is one of the best places for one to discover, understand, and enjoy. Explore nature’s wonders and support the connection between man and nature with Shangri-La Mactan Cebu’s Eco Trail.


The lush sanctuary features a growing collection of endemic, medicinal, rare and endangered plants, sprawled across the 13-hectare resort. These plants have been curated for their distinctive properties, including the rare Cebu Cinnamon Tree, known to be unique to the island. The Shangri-La Eco Trail have come to fruition with the efforts and in collaboration with the University of San Carlos, Nature Works Landscaping and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).


Go on an insightful Eco Trip with our Rangers in the resort’s manicured landscapes. Learn more here.


Marine Wildlife

Established in 2007, Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu has taken immense pride in its 6-hectare marine sanctuary with over 160 species of fish, clams and coral. The team, together with concerned nature warriors worked individually and collectively to launch regular coastal and dive clean-ups as well as coral recovery programs.

But due to the wrath of Typhoon Odette, communities, the resort --- including our treasured wildlife sanctuary, were all left in ruins. The Shangri-La family believes that one must live in harmony with nature, and we have a lifelong responsibility to care for the environment. In line with our commitment to biodiversity conservation, the team will be launching a campaign to revive the deep blues.

We aim to return the sanctuary to its original state by planning programs and consistent cleanups, together with key individuals and organizations. We inherited a beautiful planet, and it is our moral responsibility to tend to the world which we all live in.

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