Explore Dalian
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Perched on the tip of Liaodong Peninsular, Dalian is one of China’s prosperous and modern cities. It is a magnet for foreign investors and tourists, with several attractive beaches surrounding the city. 

Explore Dalian
Explore Dalian

Perched on the tip of Liaodong Peninsular, Dalian is one of China’s prosperous and modern cities. It is a magnet for foreign investors and tourists, with several attractive beaches surrounding the city. 


Zhongshan Square

The city’s main hub, Zhongshan Square is a panorama of buildings encircling a huge roundabout.

The square comes alive at night with crowds of the younger generation socializing and gathering to watch the local football team on a giant TV screen overlooking the square.

Polar Aquarium & Tiger Beach Park

Tiger Beach Ocean Park at south eastern Dalian holds the record for housing the largest Polar Aquarium in the world. There are 11 species of more than 150 polar animals in addition to 3,000 fish. Dolphin and sea lion shows draw massive crowds to the amusement centre sited at the heart of the Park.

The Park holds another record for housing the coral exhibition hall. Water sports enthusiasts will find a home at Star-Sea Park where diving, boat riding and water skiing are popular.

Kingdom of Discovery Theme Park

Kingdom of Discovery Theme Park is Dalian’s answer to Disneyland, and one of the largest theme parks in China. 6 themed blocks known as Castle Zone, Toon Town, Forest Zone, Discovery Plaza, Dessert Zone and Factory Zone comprise the attractions of this attraction.

Look out for roller-coaster rides and stunt shows performed with fire, motorcycles and cars. Dances performed at night, especially, are a spectacular showcase of colour and verve.


The Sea: Fresh Air and Seafood 


Dalian boasts more than 1,900 kilometres of scenic coastline. With a mild climate and fresh air, it is an ideal place for seafood, sailing, fishing and enjoying the sea view. Dalian is famous for its aquatic products, and its output of abalone accounts for 60 percent of China's total. The seawater is clean, with a favourable temperature for producing salt. The proportion of salt in Dalian's sea, measured at 30 percent, creates an ideal environment for precious sea life to thrive, which translates to nutritious, fresh and tasty sea fare offerings.  

Bangchui Island 

5 kilometres east of Dalian is Bangchui Island, a scenic retreat of sweeping sandy beaches and emerald rolling hills.

The coast, rich with conches, sea crabs and a pure white surf, makes this a popular spot for landscape and wedding photography.

Binhai Road
As you enter Dalian by plane and pass over the city, look down to find what looks like a dancing silk ribbon between the southern mountains and sea. What you're seeing is Binhai Road, otherwise known as the "Coastal Road," which offers a delightful sightseeing route and is one of the must-see attractions of Dalian. The coastline of Dalian features 10 major scenic spots along the Southern Seaside Scenic Area, as well as 10 major bathing beaches, all of which can be accessed by Binhai Road. In 1988, the area was designated as one of the China's Major Scenic Areas.

The road starts from Haizhiyun Square, at its eastern terminus, and ends at Heishijiao, to the west, spanning 42.5 kilometres in total. It is an ideal route for hiking and going for taking a scenic drive. On the mountain side, thriving trees and flourishing flowers abound. The coastal side offers rugged cliffs and a vast expanse of calm, blue, or misty, rolling waters. The air of the region is so fresh that tourists have nicknamed the area a "natural oxygen bar."


Dalian is famous for its reputation as China’s fashion capital. It has 5 major shopping malls – Parkland, Victory Plaza, Mykal, Peace Plaza and the Friendship Store. Each is stocked with local and international brand retailers.

Dalian is also known for its abundance of glassware, jade, silk, jewellery, handicrafts, sculptures and antique vases, all of which can be purchased at the city’s local markets.

Park Land Shopping Center
Located in the Qingniwa business district and set in a modern, stylish building, Park Land features major brands and various dining options in one convenient location. Park Land is a popular and bustling shopping destination, offering a variety of high-class products. Luxury cosmetics and watches abound the first floor, while levels 2 through 4 are dedicated to clothing and accessory shops, with restaurants and a food plaza highlighting the fifth floor. 

Pavilion Shopping Center 

 Opened in late 2014, Pavilion Dalian is the first high-end shopping center in China developed by China's Pavilion Group. The project is located at Dalian Center and Yujing, No. 9-6, Da Gong Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian. Parkway Dalian Shopping Center covers an area of 130,000 square meters and includes catering, fashion, leisure and other outlets. 

Galleria Square Shopping Center 

Dalian Galleria is located in the core business district of Dalian City. The "European Garden Shopping Center" style of the Galleria Square, a new landmark shopping centre, makes it a fashion and romantic hub of Dalian. The international one-stop shopping situates Galleria Square as a premier shopping and entertainment destination. 

MYKAL Shopping Center
MYKAL is a large-scale shopping mall in Qingxiwaqiao shopping district. As the flagship location, MYKAL features high-end goods and popular brands. A supermarket occupies the ground floor, while the first floor is dedicated to cosmetics, with clothing and shoes found on the second and third floors.

Olympia66 Shopping Center 

Dalian Olympia66 is located in Dalian City People's Stadium. With a total area of 230,000 square metres, and an investment plan by Hang Lung Real Estate of RMB 4.5 billion, the 7-storey building is set to be a high-end shopping, leisure, entertainment destination within Dalian Hang Lung Commercial Plaza. Louis Vuitton and other world famous brands are stationed to establish retail outlets at Hang Lung Commercial Plaza, making it large and important in northeastern China commercial project. 




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