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A gastronomic journey

to the crown jewel of East China Sea

Taste the exquisiteness of Zhejiang cuisine and the freshness of Zhoushan seafood. This is where the essence of northern and southern-style Chinese cuisine meet and collide, reaching new heights through our team of skilled chefs.

Shangri-La Zhoushan features a Chinese restaurant CHAO No.18. The name is inspired by the “No.18” in the hotel's address, and represents the versatile skills of our experienced chefs. “CHAO” refers to ‘haichao’ or ‘ocean current’, which brings Zhoushan its abundant natural seafood resources. “CHAO” also represents the new trends our culinary talents create through the pursuit of design and flavour. From family gatherings to business dinners, CHAO No.18 is an ideal choice in the city.