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Wedding Planning

Prepare for your wedding

Organising a wedding ceremony involves many details. We help you to arrange the wedding and take care of all the details to turn your celebration into an outstanding experience.

Wedding planner
Our wedding planners are at your disposal throughout the arrangements and on your wedding day, and will help to create an unforgettable day for you and your guests.

Food and Beverage
Extraordinary Shangri-la cuisine is showcased in an exclusive menu custom-designed to meet your tastes and create a culinary experience on your wedding day. Corresponding beverages and excellent service complete the meal.

Flowers and Decoration
Extraordinary flower arrangements and floral designs, specialised seating arrangments, personalised tabla plans, menu cards and name cards, various table and chair colour selection will match the theme of your wedding.

Wedding Cakes
Our pastry chef can design the wedding cake, based on your choice from a variety of designs and flavours.

Spend your honeymoon in one of our luxurious rooms with unique Shangri-La view.

Accommodation for Wedding Guests
We offer a special room rate to all guests attending a wedding celebration at the hotel.

Special Knowledge
We have special experience with Tibetan style wedding. We will find the right musical accompaniment from Kangba Singing and Dancing for your celebration.