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Explore Diqing at your ease

Located in the city centre of Diqing, Hylandia by Shangri-La, is an excellent hub from which to experience the area. Whether you are trying to arrange for a private car, hail a taxi or find directions to a nearby rail line, our hotel staff are there to help you and ensure you arrive at your selected destination comfortably and on time.


Taxis are not metered. Taxi fares start at RMB 7. It costs around RMB 7 to travel to most destinations within the downtown area. However, it will cost more to go outside of this area.


City buses and minibuses are available within Diqing. However, please note that service may be irregular, and bus routes are often changed.

By Car

Cars can be rented to visit the surrounding attractions. However, according to the law, international driving licenses and foreign driving licenses cannot be used in China. As such, all non-Chinese visitors will be required to hire a local driver.


Provided by local Tibetans, horses are the best transportation option when you want to visit some attractions that cannot be reached by other means easily.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 4.1°C -6.2°C
Feb 4.5°C -5°C
Mar 6.8°C -2.4°C
Apr 10.1°C 0.6°C
May 15.0°C 4.7°C
Jun 17.9°C 8.6°C
Jul 18.1°C 9.6°C
Aug 17.7°C 9.4°C
Sep 15.9°C 7.7°C
Oct 12.8°C 3.3°C
Nov 8.8°C -1.6°C
Dec 5.6°C -5°C