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Body Scrubs and Wraps

CHI, The Spa offers unique therapies that nourish the skin and promote cell regeneration with powerful ingredients.

Body Scrubs

Customised Body Polish and Wrap

A customised body exfoliation and wrap with

hand-picked ingredients to fulfill your skin concerns.

• Purifying

• Firming

Duration Single
1 hr FJD 140
1 hr 15 mins FJD 160

Fijian Therapeutic Body Soak

A soothing solution to the aches of ailments and everyday pain: Commonly used Fijian plants - Tamole and Uci - help to relieve psoriasis, arthritis and muscular pain. Uci is a natural decongestant while Tamole eases upset stomachs, asthma and sore throats.

Duration Single
30 mins FJD 80

Aromatic Herbal Steam

Refresh your body in this gentle cloud filled with the aroma of fresh herbs. Ideal before a massage, or anytime, to cleanse the skin, clear the lungs, promote circulation and invigorate the body. 

Duration Single
20 mins FJD 80

Body Wraps

Nourishing Body Soak

Rejuvenate, nourish and rehydrate your body with a blend of exotic nut oils and coconut milk ideal for dry skin. 

Duration Single
30 mins FJD 80

 Prices are inclusive of taxes and are subject to change without notice.