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Charming attractions for every traveller

Slender West Lake

It is said that Slender West Lake is the good place in China to witness the glorious full moon.

The 4.3-kilometer lake meanders through picturesque surroundings synonymous to that of a Chinese scroll painting, rewarding visitors with charming views of Spring Willows and Xuyuan Garden.

Daming Temple

Daming Temple was built in the Nan Dynasty and encapsulates great historical and cultural importance. For this reason, it has been a prominent tourist attraction for hundreds of years.

Walk by elegant pavilions, lush trees and a medley of flowers before arriving at the spectacular Qiling Tower. At 70 meters high, it is an ideal place to take in the enchanting scenery.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 7ºC -2ºC
Feb 8ºC 0ºC
Mar 14ºC 4ºC
Apr 20ºC 10ºC
May 25ºC 16ºC
Jun 29ºC 20ºC
Jul 32ºC 25ºC
Aug 32ºC 24ºC
Sep 27ºC 19ºC
Oct 22ºC 13ºC
Nov 16ºC 6ºC
Dec 10ºC 0ºC