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CHI Refresher Facial

A time-efficient face refresher suitable for different skin types and conditions. Great after a body treatment or for guests on the go.

Duration Single
45 mins RMB 480

Futuresse Caviar Deluxe Treatment

The ultimate pampering facial includes a Caviar Collagen Mask that gives skin an immediate lifting effect and improves the skin's ability to bind moisture. It is an excellent treatment for dehydrated skin as it firms facial contours and reduces lines and fine wrinkles.

Duration Single
2 hrs RMB 1,980

Rock Crystal Energising Facial Treatment

Smooth, calming and pampering massage movements performed with crystal wands revitalise the skin at the cellular level, leaving it velvety soft and radiant with a healthy glow.

Duration Single
1 hr 15mins RMB 880

Moisturising Treatment

Give your thirsty skin the moisture and care it needs. It increases the skin's water-binding capacity and provides long-term improvement in skin moisture levels. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and your skin will have a radiant, fresh look.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 680

Eye Treatment

High quality anti-ageing eye care, with deep tissue nourishment and protection.

Duration Single
20 mins RMB 380

All prices are in RMB and are subject to 15% service charge.