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Discovering Xiamen

Sunlight Rock
Sunlight Rock (Riguangyan), towering 92.68 metres above the sea on Gulangyu Island. The climb up to the 40-metre-wide rock is leisurely, wind through pleasant scenes of new mansions and ancient trees. At the high point of the mountain, you are rewarded with a spectacular bird's-eye view of the entire island!

Xiamen Botanical Gardens
Established in 1960 as a landscape park surrounding Wanshiyan Reservoir, Xiamen Botanical Gardens span an area of nearly 5 kilometres. The gardens are host to a collection of more than 5,300 types of tropical and subtropical ornamental plants. The grounds also feature 29 specialty plant gardens, including Palm Islet, World of Cacti, Flower Gallery, Pine and Fir Park, Fir Lawn and Rosery Park. With rolling hills, peculiar rocks, and a multitude of stone inscriptions, Xiamen Botanical Gardens is famous throughout the province scenic spot as a place of cultural intrigue and man-made botanical wonders.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 17 10
Feb 17 10
Mar 19 12
Apr 23 16
May 27 20
Jun 30 24
Jul 32 25
Aug 32 25
Sep 30 24
Oct 27 21
Nov 23 16
Dec 20 12