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Arts & Culture

Discovering Xiamen

Shuzhuang Garden
Shuzhuang Garden features majestic paths snaking through the grounds, crossing over koi ponds and winding through impressive rock sculptures. Hidden sculptures of all 12 zodiac animals make for a garden adventure - can you find them all? Shuzhuang Garden is also home to Gulangyu’s famous Piano Museum, a look at pianos throughout history, and a private art museum.

 Zengcuoan Village
In the ancient Zengcuoan Village, with a history spanning over a thousand years, each brick forms a painting, each old house implies a history, and each villager represents a fresh memory of Zengcuoan. Located at the side of Huandao Road, Wenchuang Village of Zengcuoan covers an area of 1.25 square kilometers and is hailed as “China’s artistic fishing village,” by domestic and foreign tourists alike.

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, with Xiamen University nearby, Zengcuoan spontaneously established the initial business of Wenchuang Village. Afterwards, the government provided support to business owners, merchants and youth, with a passion for culture and art, to negotiate for co-management of the village. Today, Wenchuang Village of Zengcuoan transformed into an enchanting “urban village.”

Living in a lodge, falling asleep in the sound of sea waves and waking up to birdsong, walking on the street lanes, where unique storefronts will catch your gaze and stop you in your tracks – this is life in Zengcuoan. Ramble about the sands and cycle along Huandao Road and soak in the gorgeous landscape of the original ecological village of Xiamen Island. Huandao Road embodies a beautiful vision in a joyful and peaceful place, far away from vanity and the modern-day hustle.

Explore this artistic fishing village and feel its youth, artistry, passion and dreams!

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 17 10
Feb 17 10
Mar 19 12
Apr 23 16
May 27 20
Jun 30 24
Jul 32 25
Aug 32 25
Sep 30 24
Oct 27 21
Nov 23 16
Dec 20 12