Shang Palace

A palatable journey

Master Chef Samuel Lee declares, “The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.” Find your earthly pleasure in these Shang Palace signature dishes. 

Braised Asparagus with Black Truffle and Pumpkin Gravy

Send out the unique fragrance of black truffle.

Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab and Assorted Vegetables with Crispy Garlic

Selection of soft shell crab,crisp outside and soft inside.

Wok-fried Spicy Wagyu Beef in Stewed Whole Eggplant

With modern cooking methods to present beef's own flavour.

Pan-fried Cod Fillet with Tom Yam Gravy in Sizzling Flagstone Bowl

Chinese cooking served with Thai sauce to creat a transfomational experience.

Sautéed Rice Vermicelli and Rice Noodles with Fresh Crab Meat

Scramble with fresh crab meat, Vermicelli and power dry.

Crispy Rice in Tomato Lobster Broth

Crispy Thai rice crust with fresh lobster soup.

Tri-colour Shrimp Dumpling with Gold Tinsel

Spinach juice and squid ink make ordinary shrimp dumplings different, embellished with gold foil.

Glutinous Rice Pudding with Coconut Cream and Fresh Mango

The classical match of coconut milk, sticky rice and mango perfectly displayed.


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Levels 1 & 2

Operating Hours

Lunch 11am - 2pm
Dinner 5pm - 10pm

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Smoking Policy

Shang Palace accommodates both smoking and non-smoking guests.