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Explore the city the way you want to

Shangri-La Hotel, Wenzhou, is only 25 minutes by car from Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, and 15 minutes from the railway station. Its location also assures easy connections to the International Exhibition and Convention Centre Bus station.


Taxis in Wenzhou are metered. Fares start at RMB 11 (USD 1.80) for 3.5 kilometres.

Taxis are available at the hotel or may be hailed from the street.

Public Transit


Wenzhou’s inner-city bus system is extensive and economical. Tickets for a majority of buses are RMB 2. As there are no conductors on the buses, it is better to keep enough change on hand prior to boarding the bus.


Trains offer an efficient and scenic way of travelling within China, and link a big part of the country with a reliable service.

You may travel in one of four classes: Soft Seat or Hard Seat, or Soft Sleeper with air-conditioning or Hard Sleeper.

JinWen railway connects the city with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Hangzhou and as well as other cities in Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Fujian province.

Car Hire

Getting around the city by car is a safe and comfortable transport option. Rates vary depending on the size and style of the vehicles available.

Please enquire with the hotel staff for more details.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 12ºC 6ºC
Feb 12ºC 6ºC
Mar 15ºC 9ºC
Apr 20ºC 13ºC
May 25ºC 18ºC
Jun 28ºC 22ºC
Jul 32ºC 25ºC
Aug 32ºC 25ºC
Sep 29ºC 22ºC
Oct 25ºC 17ºC
Nov 20ºC 12ºC
Dec 15ºC 7ºC