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Charming attractions for every traveller

Baizhangji & Feiyun Lake Scenic Area

Located in Wencheng County, Feiyun Lake scenic area is one of the bewitching regions in central China. It is characterised by awe-inspiring mountains, myriad waterfalls and pristine lakes.

The river and its surrounding area of 558.8 km which lie 90 km southwest of Wenzhou City encompass 1862 recorded “scenic spots”. This makes a visit to Feiyun a magical experience of ethereal natural beauty.

Mount Yandang

Mount Yandang is one of the national 5A tourist attractions in Zhejiang province with the “World Geological Park” title. The name 'Yandang' describes the lake with a beautiful view at the peak of the mountain, where the spreading reed is abundant and wild geese come to live during autumn. 

Situated in the picturesque city of Wenzhou, Mount Yandang, is a historic mountain of great importance and popularity in Southern China.

Mount Yandang is beautiful with its imposing peaks, waterfalls and many caves. It was proclaimed a world geo-park by UNESCO in 2005.

Nanxi River

Nanxi River is located in Yongjia County. The main attractions of the Nanxi River area include the Furong Triangle Rock, the Waterfall of Tengxi Pool, the Twelve Peaks, Taogong Cave, Warehouse Under The Cliff, the Furong Ancient Hamlet and the Lion Rock. 

Situated in a environment of rustic beauty, Nanxi River flows between the Mount Yandang and the Xiadu Scenic Area. Waterfalls and caverns add to its many charms, while its pristine waters reflect the lush forests that adorn either bank.

JiangXin Isle 

Jiangxin Islet lies in the middle richest of the Ou River. It is one of the 4 famous islets in China. It is a shining pearl on the Ou River and called as a “Fairyland of Immortal”. 

South Muntjac Marine Nature Reserve

About 52 kilometres away from Wenzhou city, South Muntjac is China’s first marine biosphere reserve, located in the East Sea.

This area is also a world ecosphere reserve under the protection of UNESCO.

Wuyan Forest Nature Reserve

Located in Taishun County in the southwest of Wenzhou city, the reserve covers an area of 200 square kilometres.

It is well-regarded for its ancient and picturesque scenery of misty green mountains, glittering streams, splashing waterfalls and emerald pools.


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