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Wellness Massages

Massage has been taught from generation to generation, and this therapeutic method of care remains an important and viable means of restoring and maintaining vitality. The spectrum of Asian massage therapies share, at their core, an understanding of the body as an energy system, from meridian lines to energy pressure points, and many cultures recognize various points and pathways within the body that hold the key to health and vitality.

CHI Balance

A gentle yet penetrative palm massage focusing on vitality, clarity and peace of mind. Techniques include acupressure and coordinated movements that originate in Tai Chi, pure synergy oils are used to harmonize chi flow.

Duration Single
1 hr 10 mins CAD 175

Aroma Vitality

A massage bringing together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu and Lymphatic Drainage combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. Designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy.

Duration Single
1 hr 10 mins CAD 175
1 hr 40 mins CAD 225

CHI Hot Stone

An ancient healing technique using a combination of warmed stones and oil to ground the body and to restore vitality. This treatment will help to expel coldness and dampness from the body.

Duration Single
2 hrs CAD 250

Rescue Release

Focused massages that give you the choice of customizing your treatment to quickly relieving muscle tension in the targeted areas. Select from or combine any of the three massages below:

  • Back Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Foot Massage
Duration Single
30 mins CAD 140

Registered Massage Therapy

Allow our registered massage therapists to customise this treatment according to your individual needs. All session times include an assessment. Please advise at the time of booking if you require an RMT receipt. Gift cards or gift certificates may not be used as payment for RMT treatments.

Duration Single
1 hr CAD 175
1 hr 30 min CAD 250

 Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. All prices are subject to applicable government taxes and surcharges. Prices are subject to change without notice.