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Guests traveling to Istanbul can look forward to a sweet and unique experience with the world’s first Baklava Butler at Shangri-La Istanbul, Bosphorus. Perfect for the foodie-obsessed and exclusivity-seeker, the Baklava Butler service is available for in-house guests only in the Lobby Lounge and IST TOO restaurant. Dressed in a traditional and stylish Turkish outfit, the Baklava Butler presents the historic sweet dish that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. A treat for the palate, eyes and camera lens, the Baklava Butler offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests’ travel memories, culinary bucket list and Instagram feeds. 
The Baklava Butler at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul
Upon arrival to the retreat on the Bosphorus Strait, guests receive an ornate key to redeem the exclusive service. When presenting the key to a hotel colleague in either the Lobby Lounge or IST TOO restaurant, the Baklava Butler will serve a portion of classic baklava that is rich in flavor and filled with Antep pistachio. The tasting is served with Maraş ice cream, a traditional Turkish ice cream that is made of clotted cream, which is prepared and cut from a vertical skewer. The Maraş Turkish ice cream can be served either on the side or inside the baklava like a sandwich.

The baklava served at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul is baked to order from a specialty shop in Gaziantep, known as the birthplace of baklava and Turkey’s Pistachio Capital. While other types of baklava use rosewater and cinnamon to enhance the taste, bakers in Gaziantep do not use additional fillings in the traditional treat. Gaziantep baklava bakers use a simple blend of honey, phyllo pastry, butter and crushed pistachio to make Turkey’s famous dessert. 

Guests who wish to take home or gift the decadent dessert can purchase individual boxes at the hotel for TL250 (about USD33) per box.

Baklava: A Royal Delicacy From The Ottoman Empire
During the Ottoman Empire’s reign in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Balkans, baklava took on elaborate forms throughout the region with written evidence in Topkapı Palace kitchen notebooks as early as in 1473. In its early days, the dish was so decadent that it was served to royalty. Now a milestone in culinary history, baklava was officially registered as a Turkish dessert with a patent in 2005.

Making the rich, flavorful dessert can take years to perfect. Traditional Turkish baklava is made of 40 layers of handmade phyllo dough that are so thin, one should be able to read behind each layer when placing it against text. The baklava is filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. 

Shangri-La Cares Enhanced Health and Safety Protocols
Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul remains committed to providing a safe environment for all through Shangri-La Cares, the Group's global safety program. Comprising a range of enhanced protocols and measures designed to ensure colleagues work with peace of mind and guests can confidently enjoy the moments that matter most. Shangri-La has followed recommendations laid out by the World Health Organization, or more stringent local directives where appropriate, to ensure its operational protocols are comprehensive. Concrete measures have been adopted at all Shangri-La Group hotels and resorts to combat the risk of contracting viruses and bacteria so that guests can feel safe when staying at or visiting its properties. These protocols include: increased frequency and full attention to deep cleaning of all high-touch surfaces and areas used by guests throughout the hotels; use of medical grade sanitizers and disinfectants, which are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; increased cleaning frequency of air filters and air-conditioner systems to ensure optimal air quality; and safe dining, meetings and events with extra precautions to respect physical distancing and enhanced food safety practices. Guests can learn more about Shangri-La Cares programme on the website.

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