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ila Healing

Omoiyari Inner Peace Crystal Healing Facial

Combining meridian tapping and Tibetan techniques with the healing power of crystals, this facial releases tension from the face and encourages healing through the subtle energy of the crystals. It begins with a Garnet Face Scrub to exfoliate the skin and brings love and earth energy.

Duration Single
90 min JPY 22,800

Omoiyari Ritual / Journey for Inner Peace

This exclusive journey partly derives from our Karuna Kaya Ritual and features deep, rhythmic body work. The firm, deep and focused movements of this treatment result in the realignment and softening of the muscular system, and the stimulation and restoration of the body's energy flow. This treatment is the perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation. Experience the balancing nature of yin and yang energies.

Duration Single
90 min JPY 26,000
120 min JPY 34,000

Omoiyari (Pearl and Jasmine) Scrub for Inner Peace

This amazing scrub consists of the highest quality, mineral-rich Himalayan salt crystals combined with pearl and jasmine, which have the immediate effect of restoring energy, mental clarity, well-being and strength. The scrub is followed by a body massage using Body Oil for Inner Peace that helps to relax and restore the nervous system. In addition, lymphatic drainage techniques are used to stimulate circulation and regenerate skin cells.

Duration Single
55 min JPY 15,800

Omoiyari Amethyst Wrap for Inner Peace

This powerful treatment features a soothing gel wrap that relaxes and restores the nervous system, and draws out toxins held in the cells and the astral body. It deeply revitalizes the skin, lymphatic system and bio-energy field, and promotes profound healing on all levels. Following the wrap, the Body Oil for Inner Peace is applied to the entire body with a focus on areas of tension, such as the back, neck and shoulders.

Duration Single
70 min JPY 18,000

  • An additional JPY 2,000++ will be added to treatments on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • All prices are subject to consumption tax and service charge.
  • Prices are subject to change without any notice.