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Unique attractions for every traveller

Ancient Cultural Street 

The Ancient Cultural Street is located in the Nankai District. Formally opened in 1986, the street is filled with shops selling affordable arts and crafts, knick-knacks, apparel and Tianjin’s famous street food. The real draw is the Qing dynasty-style architecture, making it a fantastic location for photo opportunities.

Riverview Place  

The Riverview Place shopping mall which is connected to the Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin is full of dining and entertainment options, including a 1,700-square-metre Kids Adventure Zone - ZipPiTeeDoo’s, an ice-skating rink and cinema. It is a fantastic venue for family fun!

 Galaxy Mall 

Galaxy International Shopping Centre, located in the Tianjin Cultural Centre, is one of the largest malls in Tianjin with many international luxury brands.