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Explore Tangshan with ease

Taxis are the best way to get around for longer distances.

Within the vicinity of the hotel, it may be best to explore the city on foot.


Taxis are generally safe and affordable. Fares start at RMB 7 for the first two kilometres. Thereafter, they increase by RMB 2 per kilometre for short trips and RMB 3 per kilometere for journeys over 12 kilometres.

Public Transit

Public buses are safe and convenient, and a useful mode of transport for exploring the region.

By Car

Please contact the Concierge to arrange a rental car with driver. Rates depend on mileage, type of car and number of rental hours.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 0.9 -10.2
Feb 4.1 -7
Mar 10.7 -0.8
Apr 19.6 7.1
May 25.2 13.0
Jun 29.1 18.2
Jul 30.2 21.7
Aug 29.4 20.5
Sep 25.9 14.6
Oct 19.1 7.5
Nov 9.8 -0.7
Dec 3.0 -7