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Qing Shan Guan Mountain Pass
Completed in 1584, the Qing Shan Guan Great Wall is renowned for its well-preserved water gate and lush greenery in summer. The famed Mountain Pass, an important military stronghold built during the Ming Dynasty, guarded the lands from China’s northern frontier to Santunying, Jizhou Town in the country’s interior.

Connecting the southern and northern parts of the Great Wall, the frontier pass was garrisoned by a large number of soldiers. After two battles with the Mongolian army led by Duoyan, Chinese national hero Qie Jiguang led his men to rebuild the Qing Shan Guan Great Wall, the construction of which has remained intact for centuries.

Le Ting Seaside Holiday Zone
This scenic spot is a popular summer resort with an area of 88 square kilometres and a variety of tourist attractions such as Shijiutuo, Yaotuo, Dawanggang Islands, Bihai Bathing Beach, Gold and Silver Bathing Beach, Jianggezhuang Forest Park, Jingtang Harbor and the Home of Li Dazhao.

Visitors to Gold and Silver Bathing Beach, east of Jingtang Harbour, will enjoy gentle waves, clear water, and a five-kilometre stretch of natural soft sand.

Bihai Bathing Beach, between the Laomigou and Luanhe rivers, boasts fine sand dunes up to eight metres tall.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 0.9 -10.2
Feb 4.1 -7
Mar 10.7 -0.8
Apr 19.6 7.1
May 25.2 13.0
Jun 29.1 18.2
Jul 30.2 21.7
Aug 29.4 20.5
Sep 25.9 14.6
Oct 19.1 7.5
Nov 9.8 -0.7
Dec 3.0 -7