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Explore Tangshan

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Tangshan is a coastal city in Northern China with a century-long history as the “Treasured Land East of Beijing”. Facing the Bohai Sea to the south, and the Yan Mountains in the north, Tangshan borders Qinhuangdao to the east, and Beijing and Tianjin to the west. The city lies in a strategic area linking China’s north and northeast regions.

Tangshan offers unique tourist attractions, such as the vast Eastern Qing Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest Chinese imperial monument of its kind. In the summer, visitors can enjoy seaside views along the coast to the south of the city.

As the home of Chinese Ping Opera, shadow play and Laoting drums, which are known as the “Three Flowers of Eastern Hebei”, Tangshan also has a rich cultural history. 

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 0.9 -10.2
Feb 4.1 -7
Mar 10.7 -0.8
Apr 19.6 7.1
May 25.2 13.0
Jun 29.1 18.2
Jul 30.2 21.7
Aug 29.4 20.5
Sep 25.9 14.6
Oct 19.1 7.5
Nov 9.8 -0.7
Dec 3.0 -7