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Facial Treatment

Hot Stone Basic Facial

This facial is suitable for all skin types and brings fatigued skin to a healthier state. In addition, the treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage. 

Duration Single
1 hr 20 mins NTD 3,800

Whitening Balanced Facial

Brighten dark skin tones with this whitening facial, which is suitable for those that have been exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This treatment includes a shoulder and head massage and a moisturising face masque.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins NTD 4,100

Hot Stone Whitening Facial

This intensive treatment targets dark and dull skin to whiten the patients overall complexion and lighten dark spots.

Duration Single
1 hr 20 mins NTD 4,000

Active Shaping-up Facial

Combine with deep massage and fist bone techniques, the massage follows meridian, tsubo and veins to stimulate the facial circulation. Discharge the water and old wastes from the vein in addition to improve the swelling and sagging problems to realize a reverse-aging, lifting and healthy skin.

Duration Single
1 hr 25 mins NTD 4,400