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Reflect the seasons and cultural tales

Harvesting Seasonal Vegetables from the Market
Harvesting Seasonal Vegetables from the Market

When considering the new teppanyaki menu, the chef insisted on keeping the original flavours of the fresh ingredients used and presenting the dishes with an aesthetic of refined gourmet cuisine. The chef takes a lot of time to prepare even a simple vegetable. For example, the chef bakes onions first to eliminate any acerbic taste and extract the sweetness. Then, the onions are served with salmon roe that is seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and sake to deliver a delicate Japanese flavour.

US Wagyu Sirloin Beef
US Wagyu Sirloin Beef

For diners coming for teppanyaki, we recommend the American Wagyu beef prepared in authentic Japanese teppanyaki style. The trick to cooking Wagyu beef is subtly controlling the temperature. By letting the Wagyu beef stand for a while after it is pan fried, the meat’s interior and exterior temperature can be balanced. After repeating the process a few times, the Wagyu beef will be ready to serve with a final touch of a seasoning that is tailor-made to suit each guest's taste.


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