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Charming attractions for every traveller

The hotel offers free shuttle services, twice daily over weekends. Stops include popular attractions such as Taipei 101, SOGO Department Store, Raohe Night Market and Ximending Shopping Area. The first shuttle service is at 11am and the second shuttle service is at 6pm. Reservation is required 3 hours in advance.

    Free Shuttle Bus Station 

    【Weekend Morning Line】Departure at 11.00am 

    Hotel→ Taipei 101→ SOGO Department Store (Zhongxiao)→ Huashan 1914 Creative Park→ Taipei Main Station→ Ximending Red-house→ C.K.S. Memorial Hall→ Yong Kang Shopping Area→ Hotel

    【Saturday Line】Departure at 6.00pm 

    Hotel→ Zhongxiao & Dunnan Shopping Area→ Taipei Arena→ Raohe Night Market→ Taipei 101→ Lingjiang Night Market→ Hotel

    【Sunday Line】Departure at 6.00pm 

    Hotel→ NTU & Gongguang Shopping Area→ Ximending Shopping Area→ Ningxia Night Market→ Yong Kang Shopping Area→ Hotel


“Exclusive Experience in DaAn” 

The hotel also has launched the “Exclusive Experience in DaAn” program, inviting you to explore the DaAn district with Shangri-La and create unforgettable vacation memories!

The complimentary guest experience project tours are tailored with specialties by the hotel and will be guided by professional staff. Reservation is required 24 hours in advance. Within 24 hours, reservation is subject to availability.

    【Morning Run】Thursday at 6.00am  

    A delightful morning jog with our professional trainer, from The Health Club, along the Tun Hwa South Road and DaAn Forest Park

    【Eat Like A Local】Saturday at 6.00pm  

    Visit some Taipei historical landmarks enroute to the Ning Xia Night Market where you will experience authentic hawker specialties like a local with guidance from our concierge team

    【Taipei’s Green Fingers】Sunday 9.00am  

    Join us for a trip to Taipei’s famous flower market followed by a flower arrangement class. Pick the flower you love from Chien Guo Holiday Flower Market and create your own bouquet with assistance from our florist!

*For more information about the above options, please call Guest Services at (886 2) 7700-3100 or email guestservices.tpe@shangri-la.com. Read more destination information from InnerCircle.

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