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Customized Cake for Celebrations

Customized Cake for Celebrations

A great cake can make even the simplest celebration an event to remember. Our pastry chef showcases an array of classic cakes, party cakes and pastries, as well as custom-shaped cakes that reflect the ideas, personalities and themes of your celebration. 

Cake and pastries for celebrations: 

  • Chocolate Cakes 
  • Mousse Cakes 
  • Customised Cakes 
  • Cartoon Cakes 
  • Seasonal Cakes 
  • Cheese Cakes 
  • Party Pastries 

Terms and Conditions
  1. For Customised Cakes and Cartoon Cakes, a three-day advanced order is required.

Make a Reservation

To place an order, please contact The Shop (886 6) 702 8888 ext. 6930.