Good to Know

Make a date with your wellbeing


Advance booking prior to your preferred treatment time is recommended. You are invited to make an appointment by calling or visit the Health Club & Spa desk to discuss your personalized treatment.

Please reserve your treatment in advance. We recommend booking before 9.30pm.

To maintain a peaceful environment, children under 16 years are not permitted in the Spa.

Special health concerns

For your health, guests who have high blood pressure, cardiovascular, chronic or skin illnesses are advised not to book our treatments. Guests who are menstruating or pregnant are also advised against booking our treatments.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol prior to treatment as the alcohol may accelerate the blood circulation and thus affect the treatment.

Guests with any of the above concerns may still opt for facial, foot or hand treatments.

Please advise the aromatherapist of any allergic reactions.


To ensure that all treatments can be completed on schedule, guests who arrive 10 minutes later than the scheduled time will receive the treatment within the original treatment time.

All treatment time does not include tea, consultation, attire change, shower or aroma bath time.

VIP Spa room

We offer personal amenities and a VIP spa room for one or for two guests. We invite you to enjoy the spa for two with your friend or family, regardless of their gender.

The VIP spa room is available for 15 minutes after the treatment. 

Please do not bring pets or food into the VIP room. Dining and smoking are both prohibited in the room as well. 

VIP spa room facilities are reserved for guests who have purchased a spa treatment.

Relaxation area

All treatments include healthy tea and snacks, which guests may enjoy leisurely after the treatment in the relaxation area.


Complimentary parking is offered to guests who book spa treatments. Please remember to bring your parking card with you for redemption.

Product policy

To ensure our treatment quality, please be advised that we refrain from using other products provided by guests.

Late arrivals and cancellation

If you have not arrived 30 minutes into the reserved treatment time, we will cancel the treatment in order to honour the next guest’s treatment.

In consideration of other spa guests, as your treatment requires that facilities be reserved, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice by phone if you are unable to keep your appointment.


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