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Crystalus Body Massage

This treatment uses ancient Australian healing stones and crystals to create a sensory experience that influences the mind, body and spirit. Through the power of massage and intention, the vibrations of the Australian plant essences and crystals are made to resonate deeply within the body, bringing about total relaxation, rejuvenation and harmony.

Duration Mon - Fri Weekend / Public Holiday
1 hr 30 mins AUD 240 AUD 270

Australian Botanical Retreat

Transport yourself to an Australian sanctuary. First, our therapist will use a dry body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system. Then, a full-body exfoliation treatment that uses wattleseed and sandalwood will be applied to clear and refine the skin, and a full-body wrap with Australian Green Clay will be imparted to detoxify the body. Finally, a full-body massage with an oil that is rich in eucalyptus and honey myrtle will be administered to leave you in a state of natural bliss. 

Duration Mon - Fri Weekend / Public Holiday
2 hrs 30 mins AUD 330 AUD 380

Wattleseed Reawakening

Born from the essence of Australia, this treatment features a full-body exfoliation therapy with wattleseed and sandalwood to reawaken the skin and a sensory full-body massage that uses Australian botanicals to leave one feeling renewed and refreshed. 

Duration Mon - Fri Sat - Sun & PH
1 hr 30 mins AUD 200 AUD 230

Couple's Escape Journey

This treatment is perfect for couples that want to relax in a private oasis together. Let the tension of your body melt away during an invigorating salt scrub. Then, enjoy a full-body massage. This journey finishes with a hydrating and cleansing facial to leave your entire body feeling revived and refreshed.

Duration Mon - Fri Weekend / Public Holiday
2 hrs (per couple) AUD 550 AUD 630

CHI Restore

Take time to restore your body and mind. This treatment starts with a full-body exfoliation treatment that uses Himalayan salts and green tea to eliminate toxins and reinvigorate the body. Then, a full-body wrap with geranium and mandarin will be administered to deeply nourish and condition. The treatment finishes with a reawakening facial treatment to restore the body and mind.

Duration Mon - Fri Weekends / Public Holidays
3 hrs AUD 400 AUD 460

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars. All prices are inclusive of 10% Goods and Services Tax. Prices are subject to change without notice and vary during low / peak periods.