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CHI Signature Massages

CHI Balance

This gentle yet penetrating palm pressure massage focusing on vitality, clarity and peace of mind is the best treatment for jet lag and insomnia.

Duration Single
1hr IDR 450,000

Aroma Wellness

This treatment brings together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy, so you emerge with renewed spirit.

Duration Single
1hr 30mins IDR 640,000

Yin Yang Harmonising

Specially created to harmonise and pleasantly balance the flow of chi from within, you will experience the therapist’s deep rhythmical strokes, releasing tension and restoring peace and harmony.

Duration Single
1hr 30mins IDR 640,000

CHI Rescue Release

A customised treatment that focuses on relieving muscle tension where you need it. Select or combine any of the three massages below:

  • Back Massage
  • Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage
  • Foot Massage
Duration Single
45mins IDR 370,000

CHI Hot Stones

CHI healing stones combine the benefits of thermotherapy with gliding massage strokes to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment, using the warm stones to ease muscle tension and restore the body’s energy and vitality.

Duration Single
1hr 30mins IDR 680,000

Advance booking prior to the intended treatment time is essential.
All prices are subject to service charge and government tax.