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Press Release

Organic Snow Dragon Beef Festival Opens At Traders Hotel, Shenyang

From 16 May to 16 June 2014, Traders Hotel, Shenyang will co‑operate for the first time with the Snow Dragon Beef Company to hold the Organic Snow Dragon Beef Festival. During the festival, the hotel will offer organic Snow Dragon beef, the only beef in China that contains deep-sea fish oil, at Traders Café and Shang Palace.

The Snow Dragon Beef Company cultivates the black ox used for the high-quality organic Snow Dragon beef in a personalised and humanised manner. The oxen live in their own pasture, are offered beer to drink and music to listen to, sleep on soft beds, receive massages and are cooled by electric fans and so on. The beef is rich in vitamins, omega -3 unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, proteins, amino acids and many other nutrients. It is the only beef in China that contains deep-sea fish oil, which is very nutritious and healthy.

The hotel’s executive chef, Chef Dong, and his talented culinary team have selected organic A3-A5 Snow Dragon beef to offer a wide selection of signature cuisine. Featured cooking styles include à la carte, barbecued and Chinese served with a range of sauces. Some of the dishes are Sautéed Snow Dragon Beef with Black Pepper and Baked Snow Dragon Beef. Additionally Traders Cafe offers Baked Snow Dragon Beef Brisket, and Stewed Snow Dragon Beef with Curry and Okra.

“The Snow Dragon Beef is a very popular brand in China and also qualified by the authority include ISO22000、HACCP and level A green healthy food for safety certification so that it once became the unique beef supplier for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai Expo in 2010. Traders Hotel, Shenyang which is the only star hotel in Shenyang awarded the HACCP international certification is very honoured conduct this significant festival in co-operate with Snow Dragon Beef Company. We are very focused on the food quality, safety and health for the people, so the beef must be fresh and will be exclusively supplied in the city. Guest can enjoy distinctive taste after the beef is professionally cooked during the festival,” said Ms. Sherry Liu, the hotel’s director of food and beverage. 

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