Know your way around Shenyang

Traders Hotel, Shenyang, sits at the centre of northeast China, making it an ideal Shenyang hotel for the business traveller. The city itself is navigable by bus, taxi or rental car, while trains are ideal for travelling longer distances.


Taxis in Shenyang are cheap, plentiful and always on the lookout for customers.

Most taxis are metered (RMB 8 for the first 3km) with RMB 1 fuel charge. Fares vary depending on the condition of the car and the waiting time.

Taxis are available at Traders Hotel, Shenyang, or may be hailed from the street.

Public Transport

Shenyang has an extensive bus system. However, be prepared to make at least one transfer en route to your destination. Maps of the bus routes are available at the hotel front desk.

Trains offer a reliable, efficient and scenic way of travelling within China. You may travel in one of four classes: Soft Seat or Soft Sleeper with air-condition; and the Hard Seat or Hard Sleeper.

Shenyang has two major train stations: the Shenyang North Station and the Shenyang Station. Make sure to purchase your ticket in advance as trains tend to sell out during holidays and popular travel periods.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan -5ºC -16ºC
Feb -1ºC -12ºC
Mar 7ºC -4ºC
Apr 17ºC 5ºC
May 23ºC 12ºC
Jun 27ºC 17ºC
Jul 29ºC 21ºC
Aug 28ºC 20ºC
Sep 24ºC 12ºC
Oct 16ºC 5ºC
Nov 5ºC -4ºC
Dec -2ºC -12ºC