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Collagen Remedial Facial

Pure collagen gives skin a quick, immediate lifting effect and improves its ability to bind moisture. An excellent treatment for dehydrated conditions, this facial reduces lines and fine wrinkles, firming facial contours at the same time. 

Duration Single
90 min RMB 1,380

Jade Jewel Facial

The Jade Jewel Facial incorporates the Chinese practice of releasing blockages in the meridian points with the energetic properties of a specialty crafted jade stone to create a unique, truly indulgent facial experience. Jade has been used by Chinese royalty for centuries to reduce wrinkles and lift skin.

Duration Single
90 min RMB 1,280

Lotus Facial Treatment

This pampering facial using active lotus concentrate and magic bamboo massage causes skin to quickly absorb highly effective ingredients. It is an excellent treatment for dehydrated conditions, reducing lines and fine wrinkles, and firming facial contours. 

Duration Single
90 min RMB 1,080

Crystal Energising Facial

This intensive spa treatment with herbal blends totally repairs skin with the unique properties of crystals and caviar to promote vitality and resilience and give the face a refined, even and fresh look. 

Duration Single
90 min RMB 880

Deep-Moisturising Facial Treatment

This treatment uses an enzyme peel to clean skin, while helping to whiten and moisturise it. Your skin will become visibly firmer and more attractive, and its defense mechanisms will be strengthened.

Duration Single
60 min RMB 680

Business Gentleman's Facial Treatment

An instant boost for skin in need of a quick fix, this treatment improves cellular respiration and strengthens the skin's natural defenses, leaving a healthy glow.  

Duration Single
45 min RMB 580

All treatment prices are subject to a 15% service charge.