Shenzhen hotels by shangri-la group

Considered as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Shenzhen became a well-known destination in Southern China both for business and leisure. With Shangri-La hotels in Shenzhen’s central location, business centers, shopping districts and amusement parks are within reach. From your accommodation at Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen, Central Walk containing fashion boutiques, supermarkets and restaurants situated between the hotel and the Convention and Exhibition Center is a short 5 min. walk. Whereas, well-established shopping names such as Luoho Commercial City, Hua Qiang Bei, Dongmen Pedestrian Street, Women’s World, Nanshan and Renmin Nan are to look out for when you opt for an accommodation at Shangri-La Shenzhen.

Like any parts of China, Shenzhen is rich with interesting history and culture. You can visit Chiwan Tianhou Temple to see the statue of Chinese goddess of the sea, Shenzhen Museum where vast collections of ancient relics and artifacts can be found and Dapeng Fortress for the complete military fortress of the Ming Dynasty in South China can be found. You may also head on to Siyue Library to read about the history. A fun way to familiarize yourself with Chinese customs is by walking around Splendid China, the biggest miniature town in the world. Window of the World is another miniature park which showcases replica of the most famous attractions in the world. If you are after pure fun and excitement, Happy Valley can give you just that as this Chinese version of Disneyland has nine-themed sections with an array of rides which you will surely enjoy. The things to do and see in Shenzhen is truly vast but at the end of the day, let us ease your weariness with the comfortable room we prepared for you at our hotels in Shenzhen.

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