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Facial Treatments

These holistic facial treatments focus on inner light and nourishing the skin.

Sigature Jade Lifting Facial

Our Jade facial offers a different facial experience by incorporating the Chinese philosophy of releasing blockages of meridian points with the energetic properties of a custom-crafted Jade stone. Jade was used by the Chinese royalty for centuries to reduce wrinkles and lift the skin. (Recommended for all skin types)    

Duration Single
1 hour, 30 minutes RMB 1,380

Water Lliy Hydrating Facial

Studies have found that the natural ingredients of the water lily can effectively relieve discomfort caused by sunburn and treat sensitive skin by rapidly rehydrating it. (Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive/dehydrated skin)

Duration Single
1 hour RMB 880

Aromatherpy Balancing Facial

A deep cleansing and purifying treatment, this facial effectively balances oil secretion and unclogs, cleans and minimizes pores while enhancing skin renewal. (Suitable for all skin types) 

Duration Single
1 hour RMB 880

Vitamin C Repairing and Brightening Facial

Delivering nutrients deep into the skin cells to fight the effects of aging, this facial minimizes wrinkles and lines, evens the skin tone, brightens and firms. (Suitable for all skin types, including mature/dull-looking skin). 

Duration Single
1 hour RMB 1,080

Caviar Rejuvenating Facial

This treatment delivers a high concentration of active ingredients that penetrate the skin quickly to smooth wrinkles and tighten overall appearance. (Best suited for mature/sagging/dull-looking skin).

Duration Single
1 hour, 30 minutes RMB 1,580

Eye Care - Anti Puffy Eye Treatment

With ginkgo and collagen fiber, this treatment effectively relieves and calms the delicate tissue of the eye while eliminating dark circles and the appearance of fatigue. After undergoing this treatment, your eyes will look bright and fresh.

Duration Single
30 minutes RMB 388


All prices are in RMB and subject to 10% service charge and 6% value-added tax.