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CHI Signature Journeys

Each CHI signature journey is a combination of two or more treatments that create a total spa experience for guests with time to enjoy. Included in your spa journey is a welcome CHI Foot Bath.  


CHI Rituals Explained  

All CHI Journeys begin with CHI rituals to engage your five senses. The time allocated for rituals is incorporated within the treatment time shown and is complimentary. 

Surrender to a cleansing Foot Bath, gentle Foot Scrub and Chinese Herbal Foot Pounding Massage.

Enchanted Journey

After a long and tiresome journey or a hectic day, to relieve muscular aches and pains and assist your body's natural healing, we recommend the combination of a Bath or Steam Shower, Mountain Tsampa Rub and Aroma Wellness Massage.

  • Aroma Bath
  • Mountain Tsampa Rub
  • Aroma Wellness Massage
Duration Single
2 hrs 30 mins RMB 2,080

Traveller's Retreat

The perfect treatment to overcome jet lag, refresh and relieve stiffness, aches and pains. Combining the relaxing effects of a soothing soak and massage, this treatment also offers the element of personal choice.

  • Aroma Bath
  • Choice of Salt Scrub or Algae Wrap
  • 60-minute Aroma Wellness Massage
  • 30-minute Deep-Cleaning Facial
Duration Single
2 hrs 30 mins RMB 2,180

Indulgence Of Time

A total mind and body treatment using natural plant and herbal extracts. Commence with a Bath or Steam Shower followed by a CHI Balance Massage and a Deep-Cleaning Facial to beautify your face whilst refreshing the mind and body.

  • Aroma Bath
  • CHI Balance
  • Deep-Cleaning Facial
  • Scalp Massage
Duration Single
2 hrs 30 mins RMB 2,180

Luxurious Face And Body Treatment

An intriguing excursion into the fascinating world of aroma - an oasis of well-being - this experience for all senses begins with a 30-minute Aromatic Neck and Shoulder Massage, followed by a Silky Facial Peel, Massage and Regenerating Hydrating Lotus Mask. 

While the mask takes its full effect, experience a comforting aroma body treatment with salt scrub and relaxing massage.

  • Salt Scrub
  • Body Oil Massage
  • Facial Treatment
Duration Single
3 hrs RMB 2,880

 All prices are in RMB and are subject to 15% service charge.