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Body Therapies (Add-on treatments)

Body treatments that nourish the skin and promote cell regeneration with powerful ingredients.

Body Scrubs

Mountain Tsampa Rub

Softer than salt, this tsampa barley rub is the ideal postscript to a relaxing massage, absorbing the oils and leaving the skin exfoliated and fresh.

The use of essential oil encourages skin rejuvenation whilst the grain gently removes dead cells. Skin tone and texture are revitalised and refreshed.

Duration Single
40 mins RMB 580

Sea Salt Scrub

This invigorating scrub is the ideal first step to any luxurious body treatment. Experience the refreshing scent of the sea as the gentle exfoliating action of sea salt deeply cleanses and nourishes to reveal radiant skin.

Duration Single
40 mins RMB 680

Body Wraps

Nourishing Milk And Honey Wrap

A milk-honey wrap is applied to cocoon the body and leave the skin velvety soft. The blend of active ingredients restores skin suppleness and elasticity for a firmer appearance.

Duration Single
40 mins RMB 680

Algae Detoxifying Wrap

Designed to tone and firm the skin using a combination of special seaweeds, this treatment helps with the elimination of toxins. It also promotes water balance, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation. A wonderful detoxifying and relaxing treatment.

Duration Single
40 mins RMB 680


Aroma Bath

A wonderful precursor to any body therapy, scrub, wrap or massage treatment. Start your journey with your choice of water therapies.

Duration Single
20 mins RMB 280

Lotus Milk Bath

This milk bath is a holistic luxuriating experience for body, spirit and soul, that leaves your skin looking relaxed and velvety soft.

Duration Single
20 mins RMB 580


All prices are in Chinese renminbi and subject to 10% service charge and 6% value-added tax.