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Wellness Massage


A full body, Chinese-style dry massage with fingers and palms providing deep pressure along the meridian lines.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 680
1 hr 30 mins RMB 880


A Western-styled therapeutic oil massage targeting specific problem areas with muscle release techniques.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 720
1 hr 30 mins RMB 950


A spa-styled full body massage with fragrant oils, providing light-pressured kneading at a soothing pace.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 700
1 hr 30 mins RMB 900


Full body massage, hot stones, warm oils, firm gentle pressure, steady pace, relaxing, restorative and detoxifying effects, spa style massage.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins RMB 1,000


A firm-pressured foot, ankle and calf massage following pressure points and meridians, which encourages sleep and restores the body’s natural balance.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 480
1 hr 30 mins RMB 680

Rescue Release

Customized oil massage for head, back, legs or feet.

Duration Single
45 mins RMB 580

 Prices are quoted in Chinese yuan (RMB). A 15% service charge applies for each treatment. Prices are subject to change without notice.